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Well now, that was rather demanding.  Truth be told it isn't my stuff, though it could be your stuff, just covered in my designs.  I have taken several designs that I have had in storage for several years and added a bit of this and a bit of that to make them, hopefully, something that someone would want to buy.  I hope you do as a couple of extra bucks in my wallet would be pretty good.  So, go out and buy stuff with my stuff printed on it, you just might like it.

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Exciting Times

Welcome to the end of January!  Can you believe that the month is nearly at and end already?  Okay, enough babbling, let's get on with the news.

This month some very exciting things have been happening around the old website.  First of all, it has a new look and a nifty new logo design.  Secondly, I have started something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time...add a make a mark section to the site.  No longer will this site be just about my drawings, but yours as well.  Make a mark is just that, go ahead and make a mark on a piece of paper, cardboard or anything that you have around at the time.  No graffiti on walls that you don't own please.  You may be a wall artist, but those that own the wall may not like your art all over it.  Anyhow, this section is to instruct folks that want to draw, but don't think they can, a little nudge in the right direction.  The third thing that is going on is the addition of a new shopping area.  Currently you can order products from Teepuplic, as well as download stock images and booklets.

In the up coming months, more items will be added to the shop as well as a Make a Mark video blog.  Exciting things are coming down the road this year so be sure to come back and also tell a friend!


Meet the Artguy

The ArtguyHi, I'm Ricky Lewison, and I have been drawing for nearly all of my life and for over 20 years I have worked in print and web industries while continuing to hone my skills as a fine artist.

The Portfolio

You can see samples of my professional work as a graphic designer by clicking on the Portfolio link in the top menu, or by simply clicking here.

All the Work

Want to see everything that is going on in my brain?  Well then use the Gallery link on the top menu or click here.  This section will continue to grow as I make more images and more importantly, get them scanned in.