Make a Mark

One of the hardest things to do is to look at a blank piece of paper and actually DO something with it.  Sometime the thought "damn, I hope I don't mess this up" rears it's evil head or just simply "what am I going to put on it" can scare you into not doing anything.  It has been my philosophy to just make a mark.  Put something, anything down and get that dreaded blankness gone.  Make a mark, then make another.  Pretty soon you will have something that no one else in the entire world could have done, only you.

Welcome to the school of Make a Mark.



I enjoy drawing in public.  If I'm in a restaurant, doctors office, the DMV, anyplace where I am waiting for something to happen I like to pull out a drawing pad and a pencil or pen.  You would be surprised how many people that I get to meet by doing this.  Many come up and say "oh you're really talented," which is a great boost for my ego, while others look longingly and lament how they would like to draw.  This is how a typical conversation goes:

Stranger: Oh, that's so nice!

Me: Thank you.

Stranger: Have you been drawing a long time?

Me: Since I was three or four.  It was how my mom kept me quiet in church when I was little.

Stranger: (Laughs) I wish I could do that.

Me: Why don't you?

Stranger: I can't draw.

Me: Sure you can, you just have to learn how to see.

Stranger: Huh?

Me: You know what the basic are right?  A circle, a square, and a triangle.

Stranger: Yes, but what does that do with drawing?

Me: If you can make those shapes, you can draw anything.

Stranger: Really?

It's at this point that I will point out some light fixture ore piece of cabinetry that at first glance looks like it would be very difficult to render.  We then start looking for the basic shapes and I sketch them very quickly.  It is at this point that the once stranger is normally turned into an art buddy.  I can't tell you how many times I have people telling me they were going to go home and try it out.

One big comment that I receive is "I'll never be able to draw like you." and that's a true statement.  Here's another true statement, I will never be able to draw like you!  I see the world though my eyes, from my perspective.  How in the world could I see things or even draw thinks the way you do?  

Now it's your turn.  Forget what your eyes are seeing, it's not a cabinet, it's just a bunch of rectangles.  When you break something down to just the shape, drawing becomes easy.  Don't worry if your sketch doesn't turn out perfect.  Get another piece of paper and make some more marks on it!

Hey, go make a mark!