What Makes an Artist?

Make a MarkHave you ever asked yourself "Am I a real artist?"  I will answer this question with something that a friend of mine told me many years ago.

Here's a bit of back story.  I was working at a hardware store and would draw on every break and lunch hour.  One day I was at lunch drawing and a friend of mine came into the break room.

My friend:  "So, you're an artist."

Me: "Well that's what I want to be."

My friend: "You either are an artist or you are not.  So, you're an artist."

Me: "Yes, I am an artist."

From that moment on, I have considered myself an artist.  I know that I am not as good as some, but I am the best artist I can be at this time. 

Now let me ask you the same question; Are you an artist?  It's okay if you say no.  Heck, I did all those years ago.  Now my 7.3 readers, comes the secret.  Simply say I am an artist.  If you say it, you will come to believe it, then you will have the confidence to look at a blank piece of paper and see the image that is waiting to come out.  The need to release that image which starts within you is what makes you an artist.  It isn't skill or style, but desire.

That is what makes an artist.

Now go and make a mark.


Making my Mark Part IV

Making my Mark Part IV

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Rick the ArtguyHi, I'm Ricky Lewison, and I have been drawing for nearly all of my life and for over 20 years I have worked in print and web industries while continuing to hone my skills as a fine artist.

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