What an Artguy Does While Stuck at Home

Like the rest of the country, our family has been sheltering in place.  Now you would think that an artguy would be cranking out piece after piece and just creating until the sun goes down.  Yeah, not so much.  Sure I did some work around the house and I finished a watercolor piece.  In a word, I was BORED!

So, I decided to take the time to look objectively at my website, starting with the logo and going on from there.

When I first created the now "old logo," I have to admit that I liked it, but didn't love it.  I tried to add different textures and fills to the logo and see what I might do to it.  Unfortunately, it was like polishing a turd as nothing I tried improved no the design.  I began to (dare I say it?) loath the old logo and decided to scrap the entire thing.  A bit of time later and a couple of iterations later I have the logo that you now see on the site.  Ah, much better.  Unfortunately, the new logo didn't match the look and feel of the existing website.  Darn, I had to change the look of the site.  So a couple of days and a page crash or two I had a newly designed website.

I think that this version had a cleaner look and is more inviting.  Come on back as I have some rather interesting ideas for the future of the site!