Whoops, I did it again...

This apology goes out to the 7.3 people that actually read my website.  I screwed up, I'm sorry.  With that said, I am not sad.  Sure I had to start from scratch and completely rebuild the site and yes I will have to upload hundreds of images, but I have learned so much from the incident.

Lesson 1)   Even though I can write directly into my content management based website, I really should write the articles in Word first so that I have copies of them in case another tragedy strikes.

Lesson 2)   I found a really cool gallery extension that is much lighter than the last and allows for quicker upload times.  The big thing about this gallery that I really like is the way it displays the images.  Click on the link in the menu and have a look.  I dare you.

All in all, it will be a bit of work populating the site again, but I will endeavor.  I hope you do too.