Making my Mark

Greetings to my 7.3 readers!

Make a MarkToday, as the title states, I am making my mark. I started out with a blank piece of paper and an idea then went for it. As I worked on the sketch, knowing what I wanted the thing to look like, it changed several times. I call this type of loose idea "letting the drawing have its input."

At this loose rough stage, note how lightly I am sketching. This allows me to change my mind on where something is on the piece and easily erasing then re-sketching without damaging the paper. Remember to always sketch lightly!

I am going to post images of the progress of this piece so you can have a chance to see where it goes from here. It may be good, it may end up in the trash bin, but whatever happens to it I will show you everything.

I'm making my mark, now you make yours!