Making my Mark Part III

Make a MarkI put a bit more work into the piece which I am calling Triple Falls.

So far I have about five hours into this piece and I have to say that I am really enjoying the way it is turning out and I can't wait to finish it up. As in all pieces that I do, I have learned a lot and here are the lessons learned:

I have always said that references are very important and I found out just how important on this piece. The references that I have been using for this piece have mostly been from my mind. That is working from places and things that I have seen, putting them together then creating from those images. When I started this piece, I wanted to have two large waterfalls with mist and billowing clouds of spray where the water meets the rocks below. Over the last year, I have created several pieces with waterfalls with a very stylized look. Not a natural look by any means, but in the viewers eye it read as a waterfall. This piece was going to have the same type of effect for the waterfalls. That was until I uploaded some images that I took in Yosemite National Park this week. Several of the images that I up loaded were of different falls in the park. Oh, how they changed my view of the world!

The first thing I noticed was how dark the walls of the cliffs are at the side of the falls due to water misting as the water cascades down. Another thing that I saw was the way the light plays with the spray at the bottom of the falls. I was trying to make them look more like clouds than the mist that they should look like. Take a look at the sketch of this piece and you will see what I mean. These two bits are really, in my opinion, bringing this piece to life.

I have also worked more on the cliff walls, shadows on the trees and a bit more on the water. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I’m getting really excited about this piece.

I’m making my mark, how about you?