Dos and Don'ts

Make a MarkHello greetings and welcome! 

You might be asking yourself "Hey Artguy, where have you been?  How come we haven't heard anything from you in so long?"  The one-word answer is VACATION!!  Yep I was out on vacation and had a great time in beautiful Alaska.  If you have a chance, go, but bring mosquito repellant.

Okay, now to the important stuff.  If you are going to be a mark maker, I am going to give you a few dos and don'ts to follow as you are on your path to becoming (wipes tears from his eyes) artists.  Here we go:


  • Draw, sketch, make a mark in your sketchbook as much as you can
    (Every day would be a good habit)
  • Carry a drawing pad and pen/pencil
  • Be observant
  • Increase your memory of places and things
  • Collect reference materials
  • Believe in yourself


  • Listen to haters
  • Think that you can't
  • Feel you're not good enough
  • Get down on yourself because something isn't turning out right
  • Give up

That was just a quick list of what my post vacation brain could come up with, there are many more.  Now I have a challenge for you.  Come up with your own list of dos and don'ts.  You will find that having these lists in your arsenal will allow you to conquer many things not only while drawing, but in life in general.

Now get out there and make your list, then make a mark.