Make a MarkGreetings all you mark makers out there! 

The attached image is one that I have been working on for about a week now.  Normally it doesn't take me that long to create a drawing like this, but the composition was giving me a hard time.  I actually started this drawing twice as the first one I messed up on.  Hey that happens to everyone!  So, I turned the page and started a new drawing.  I knew that wanted to have a rather misty mountain coming through the clouds in the background, so that is where I started.  Lately I have been putting a lot of trees in the foreground, making a kind of "U" shape with them.  I really wanted to break this trend by putting a rocky hill side on the left hand side, then some trees along the bottom.  After I did that, I have to admit that even though the drawing was just what I wanted it to be, it didn't look right.  In my oh so gentle words, it sucked.  But why did it suck?  I had to think about that for a while and I left the drawing for over a week.

Yesterday, I revisited the drawing and although it still sucked, I realized what was wrong with the piece; it was out of balance.  The detailed cliff on the left hand side really caught your eye and the wide open area was just floating with mist and clouds.  It was so heavy on the left side that it almost looked tilted.  Crap!  At this point, I had two choices.  1) I could simply start a new drawing or 2) Work out my balance issues and finish the drawing.  I chose door number 2.

I would have liked to put another cliff on the right side of the drawing, but I already had a small tree there.  So I added a large tree on the right side that gradually leans into the piece.  Now you might say "hey, that wasn't such a hard solution to come up with."  You know what?  You're right!  Unfortunately I had my brain locked into what I wanted the drawing to be and didn't let it be what it wanted to be.  I know it sounds funny, but listen.  Michelangelo always said that the figures that he sculpted were inside the stone waiting for him to find them.  Drawings are kind of the same.  Sure, I want them to look a certain way, but in truth they rarely do, and I like that.  It is accepting these happy accidents that turn just copying what you are seeing, or dreaming, into a true work of art.

I think the results of listening to the drawing really worked this time.

I made my mark, now you make yours!