Take Me Away

Back in April, I created a watercolor for my wife Patrice.  You see, her office has no windows and after being inside there for as many hours as she is asked if I would paint her a window.  Trying to be a good husband, I created a window for her called Mountain Lake.  She was quite pleased with it and took it to work and hung it on the wall.  I received a kiss and a hug and all was right in the world.  Until...

Yes, the dreaded until.  My wife works in the medical field and shares her office with two coworkers.  They liked the watercolor that I created but were wondering if I couldn't have made it a beach scene and why couldn't have I made it bigger.  So Patrice came home with a request...Can you do another picture pleeeeeeaaaase?  What could I say but "Sure, what size would you like it?"

So I did a few thumbnail sketches and sent them to work with Patrice.  They looked at them, chose the one they all liked, then made some suggestions.  I then created a second proof.  They liked it, then made some suggestions.  Now I have completed the final painting which I am calling "Take Me Away."  The title seems fitting with as hard as these ladies work and all the hoops they have to jump through with all of the COVID-19 protocols (and the COVID patients that still come into the office) they need a vacation.

Take me away is a mixed medium piece.  I started with a pencil drawing on a watercolor panel.  Then I did washes of oil paints, splatters of oil paints, and finally added some colored pencil to the mix.

I hope they like it.