June 5, 2018

I have never really had the knack of working with watercolor.  I add color, then add color, then add color only to make...mud.  Sigh. 

Several years ago, I went to a continuing education class at Pasadena City College (PCC) in a technique called French Wash.  This technique, which uses light washes of oil paint, allowed me to paint with a style that looked like watercolor.  I have had several people comment on these images thinking that they were watercolor.  This got me thinking.  Now I have always liked to do black and white drawings in both pencil and pen & ink, but I wanted to get some color into them.  Taking along a complete set of oil paint in the port-a-studio is not an acceptable solution.  It truth it's too much crap to carry.  Watercolors on the other hand, are easy to carry and clean up when finished.  So I have been working with light washes of ink in my drawings and I am really happy with the results.  Now with the patience of doing light washes of ink, I now have been adding light washes of watercolor to my ink drawings. 

I think I may have to make more of these.