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What an Artguy Does While Stuck at Home

Like the rest of the country, our family has been sheltering in place.  Now you would think that an artguy would be cranking out piece after piece and just creating until the sun goes down.  Yeah, not so much.  Sure I did some work around the house and I finished a watercolor piece.  In a word, I was BORED!

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Make a Mark

But, You're an Artist

About ten years ago, I took an extension class at Pasadena City College on a technique called French Wash.  I was looking for a way to bring color into my drawings and boy did I find it.  I have used this technique ever since and it has also allowed me to face my fears using watercolors.  That is not the tale I wish to tell, so I'll get to it.

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Artist's Tale

Take Me Away

Back in April, I created a watercolor for my wife Patrice.  You see, her office has no windows and after being inside there for as many hours as she is asked if I would paint her a window.  Trying to be a good husband, I created a window for her called Mountain Lake.  She was quite pleased with it and took it to work and hung it on the wall.  I received a kiss and a hug and all was right in the world.  Until...

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